Image Optimization

Automatic Image Optimization, the Right Image to the Right Device Automatically

Today, statistics show that images can dramatically affect a website’s usage, engagement, and commerce conversion rates. To help your website utilize images effectively, cdnclould offers the most powerful image optimization solution available anywhere, optimizing each image automatically, without touching or altering your existing website workflow. Our solution significantly improves the user experience on any device by delivering the right image in the right format, resolution, and size for each device. This means your images load more quickly and look better, no matter what device your customers are using. cdnclould Image Optimization delivers an optimized ROI for websites and apps that count on performance to turn visitors into customers.

How it works

The cdnclould Image Optimization solution combines 3 distinctive backend capabilities into a single product offering that is proven to reliably reduce image payloads, and improve page load time by >60%:

  • Mobile device detection – based on WURFL device detection
  • Image resizing, cropping, and optimization
  • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

WURFL, the industry standard for device detection, is at the core of the cdnclould Image Optimization solution technology solution. The WURFL Device Description Repository, containing over 65,000 device profiles, provides a 99% hit rate of accuracy in its ability to detect and proactively read devices.