Content Delivery Network

Advanced Content Delivery & Acceleration

Cdncloud offers a wide range of services that have been created to help your business innovate and execute faster than ever before, with optimized performance, end-to-end network control and security, real-time visibility, and traffic diagnostics for cloud-based applications. Our platform delivers industry-leading performance that helps your business deliver results.

The cdncloud Content Delivery and Acceleration solution unleashes the power of your cloud-based applications by delivering speed, reliability, and security, while at the same time giving you a high degree of control over configurations. Our platform spans over 40 Points of Presence (POPs) located around the globe, to deliver your digital content fast. And with the added benefits of our API structure, you are in control of every aspect of delivery. Our Content Delivery and Acceleration solution includes the following features:

  • TCP Acceleration using DOTS
  • Intelligent analytics that provides visibility to network performance and traffic diagnostics for applications hosted in the cloud
  • Web Application Firewall security services
  • Mobile SDK, acceleration to the true edge, the device, using our Xamarin, iOS, and Android SDKs
  • Fully automatic Image Optimization solution, just change the CNAME, we do the rest.
  • Our Distributed Compute Environment (DCE) offers an easy, flexible solution for executing code on CDN edge nearest to the end user.
  • See more details about our additional features including Static Caching, Device Detection, Instant Purge, and more below

Global Network

We have a global Network. We leverage 40 plus locations for both active and standby locations which we can serve traffic. Our goal is to provide your users with the lowest latency possible.